Professor Tony Costello receiving the Xaverian Award

Recipient of the 2014 Xaverian Award

Extracts from the Principal’s Citation:

This morning it is my pleasure to welcome back to the College Professor Anthony Costello, an Old Xaverian and member of the graduating Year 12 class of 1966, the year in which he was also School Captain. An Old Xaverian who has made an on-going contribution beyond his school days to the welfare of others in a distinguished career as a medical specialist.

It will be my pleasure shortly to present to Professor Costello the 2014 Xaverian Award which is a major honour this historic school presents each year to an alumnus. If I may first quote from the criteria for the award:

The award goes to a past student who has shown a deep commitment to the ideals of St Ignatius of Loyola. Primarily amongst these is a generosity of spirit manifested in a dedication to making a difference in the wider community, through compassion, competence and conscience – a person who has shown a willingness over a sustained period of time to share his God-given gifts with others.

This is a highly prestigious award, valued by this school community, not necessarily given to someone who has achieved success, but rather to one who has also lived a life, no matter how simply, for others…

Professor Costello is a world leading urologist, who has specialized in the diagnosis, treatment and research into the causes of prostate cancer. He pioneered the introduction of robotic surgery in Australia for the disease. His has been a life of considerable scholarship, research, innovation and commitment to excellence. All of his endeavours have aimed at the treatment and care of people.

And may I also acknowledge the wider Costello family, for Costello is a name well known at Xavier: Tony’s brother Frank teaches Robotics at Xavier, his brother Brian is an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon, Jack is a Judge, Tim is an anaesthetist and Simon is a paediatrician.

The Xaverian Award Citation

At Xavier College we take great pride in our graduating students each year. At Valete, as the ‘boys’ (or rather young men) walk out through the school gates for the last time as students, one often wonders what they will do with their education and those values which the College stands for and has imparted to them. In the case of Professor Tony Costello, a member of the Class of ’66, we take great pride in all that he has achieved, hallmarked by a generosity of spirit, a determination to be of service and to make a difference; to offer himself in roles of leadership; to make a contribution to the world. Professor Costello is truly a “Man for Others” and we welcome him back as an Old Xaverian of whom we are immensely proud and it is my pleasure on behalf of the Xavier Community and the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, to present to Professor Anthony Costello, this Xaverian Award for 2014.

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