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Helpful Links

This section provides you with reading and research material. It acts as a starting point to the amazing amount of information that is already available on the internet and through other sources.

If you have any other suggestions that can be added here, please let us know.


Epworth Hospital – Da Vinci Robot Surgery

Australia’s first robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery, a radical prostatectomy, has been performed at Epworth Hospital. The surgery was undertaken using the $3 million da Vinci Surgical System – a totally intuitive system of laparoscopic surgery. Epworth Hospital surgeons say the robotic assisted surgery dramatically improves patient outcomes.



We use TissuPath for our pathology services.

They provide specialist prostate cancer pathology expertise and assist with our Tissue Banking undertaking for research purposes.


Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia was formed in Sydney in 1996. The television personality, Roger Climpson, a member of the Rotary Club of Lane Cove, was treated successfully for prostate cancer in 1994. Roger was concerned by the confusing information available to him at the time of diagnosis and treatment and by the apparent lack of research into the disease being carried out in Australia. In 1995 he persuaded fellow club members to join him in forming the Foundation, then known as the Prostate Cancer Research (PCRF), to raise funds for that research.


Royal Melbourne Urology Department

The Urology Department at The Royal Melbourne Hospital offers specialized clinical services for all adult urological disorders including Urologic cancers, stone disease and incontinence. Outpatient clinics are conducted for general urology, uro-genital oncology surveillance, Haematuria Clinic (Broadmeadows Campus) and Neuro-urology continence clinic. The Urology Department also provides clinical services at Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute and the Northern Hospital.


University of California – Dr. Ahlering – Prostatectomies

Radical prostatectomy has been performed as an open surgery for quite some time with good success, however as minimally invasive surgery has evolved, it has become possible to perform radical prostatectomies laparoscopically. Recent leaps in technology with the advent of Intuitive Surgical Inc.’s da Vinci robot have taken radical prostatectomy past laparoscopy to an all new level of success. In the hands of a skilled surgeon like Dr. Ahlering, this new tool allows the radical prostatectomy to be performed minimally invasively with greater precision and ease to both the patient and the surgeon than ever before.

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