Professional Practice

  • Director of Urology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital Since 1999 – Current
    Previous Head of Unit at St Vincent’s Hospital 1991-1999
  • Executive Director of the Australian Prostate Centre – Parkville Medical Precinct
  • Awarded Order of Australia Medal for ‘Service to Medicine in the field of urology as a clinician, administrator and author, to cancer research and to medical education’
  • Private Practice in Wellington Parade East Melbourne and operates at Epworth Hospital Richmond


Pioneered Australian Robotic Surgery

  • In 2003 Professor Costello worked with Denis Hogg, then CEO of Epworth Hospital, to bring to Australia and establish the first robotic surgery unit at Epworth Richmond
  • Performed the first robotic surgery in Australian at Epworth Hospital in Melbourne
  • Trained and Mentored Australian surgeons
  • Conducted training courses at the American Urological Association for American and International surgeons
  • Performed over 2,500 robotic radical prostatectomies in the Public and Private Hospital System
  • Facilitated the purchase of the first three public system robots in Australia through philanthropic donations
  • Published and presented peer reviewed data on personal radical robotic prostatectomy series (refer to CV)
  • Established the world’s largest tissue bank of prostate cancer specimens which is now 1 of 3 sites in the world working on the Human Genome Project *I would like to attach a link to an article here “To the cell/Nature Paper – will send through separately


International Standing

  • The first Australian invited to membership of the prestigious American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons - https://www.aagus.org/
    This group is made up of the chiefs of North America, Canada & Europe’s leading University Hospitals who are regarded as key opinion leaders in the field of genitourinary conditions, treatment and research
  • Awarded the St Paul’s Medal by the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) for service to urology internationally
  • First Honorary Life Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in recognition of services to urology
  • Runs Internationally recognised surgical fellowships in Robotics and Cancer Surgery. Alumnus from 20 countries. 150 fellows to date