The Team

For many years Professor Tony Costello has had a major interest in prostate cancer treatment and prevention. The success of prostate cancer treatment relies heavily on a team approach. Professor Costello has developed and mentored a team of clinicians and researchers to work alongside him in this area to provide both clinical expertise, and clinical and basic research, in an effort to provide the best possible treatment for men with prostate cancer at all stages of their disease.

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Private Practice

Helen Crowe is an experienced urology nurse who has worked with Professor Costello in his private practice for over 10 years. Helen has developed expertise in educating and assisting patients and partners cope with the consequences of prostate cancer treatment.

For the past ten years Helen has convened the Nursing & Allied Health program of the annual Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference. This highly successful and highly regarded program attracts prostate cancer nurses, continence physiotherapists, psychologists and exercise physiologists to present and learn about best practise, multi-disciplinary care of men who have prostate cancer, and their partners.

Helen collaborates with Professor Costello to work closely with patients and their partners before surgery, whilst they are in hospital, and post-operatively. She is also responsible for follow-up and data collection for all patients who undergo robotic radical prostatectomy, so that Professor Costello has accurate feedback on the progress of all patients, including those who have travelled to Melbourne for treatment and who are attending their local specialists for follow-up management.

Helen has researched, published, presented and won awards for her work on quality of life issues related to prostate cancer treatment.

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Epworth Hospital

Epworth Hospital provides expert urology nursing for patients admitted to the hospital. The nurses are involved in collecting quality care data on all patients undergoing robotic radical prostatectomy and have presented this work at state and national nursing forums.

Within the urology operating suite at Epworth Hospital are highly skilled and experienced anaesthetists, urology theatre nurses and theatre technicians. For robotic surgery to be successful, a team such as this is essential, and key members of the team underwent training in the USA to become familiar with all aspects of the robot setup and care. They are now responsible for providing this training for others both at Epworth Hospital and other centres.


Clinical Psychology

Several years ago Professor Costello realised the potential long-term impact of the diagnosis of prostate cancer on the quality of life of the patients, and also on their partners. In order to address this need, at Professor Costello's request, The Royal Melbourne Hospital appointed the first clinical psychologist to be attached to a Urology Department in Australia.

The clinical psychologist appointed to the Urology Department accepts referrals to see both private patients and patients from within The Royal Melbourne Hospital. They provide counselling to assist patients dealing with the diagnosis of prostate cancer, making decisions about treatment options, coping with the post-operative problems of incontinence and erectile dysfunction. They see patients and their partners individually and together, and also run a support group for men with prostate cancer, providing the opportunity for men to gain support from others experiences, sharing common problems and solutions.